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Robotic systems can be defined as interconnected, interactive, cognitive and physical tools

  • Robotics kits
  • Complete lab setup
  • Instructor for Robotics & AI Education
  • Virtual support 24*7
  • 3D printer kit & tools
  • Robotics Expo in School
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Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Teaching our children and teenagers how to use modern technology more conciously is the only way to ensure they know how to interact ethically with it.

Teaching our children and teenagers how to use modern technology more conciously is the only way to ensure they know how to interact ethically with it

- Jair Ribeiro

Importance of technology is increasing every day we must not deprive our children of technology if we do then its a social crime

- Narendra Modi

Once they start understanding the basics of programming, children will use their logical thinking to build the codes. The learning of foreign languages for children is excellent for exercising the analytical, critical, and analytic abilities analytics left side of the brain. And the same effects can be associated with programming languages.

- Jair Ribeiro

We are going to become care takers for the robots thats what the next generation of work is going to be

- Gray Scott


Mrs. Haritha Reddy is a seasoned professional who excels at multitasking and has extensive knowledge in the IT industry. She is passionate in assisting the pupils in learning the newest trends in technology.
Her academic success is another factor in the great instruction she provided, which exposed students to coding concepts and sparked their interest in new technologies.

Mrs. Ch. Padma Jyothi

Principal - Newton Techno High School, Vivekananda Nagar

Robotics programme is very useful for future generation kids as they get chance to have hand-on experience on electronics and software. In this programme, our school children did some projects like Ultrasonic Radar System, Smartphone controlled RGB LED, Stopwatch, RPM Tachometer. This programme is helping our students to grow in various aspects like logical reasoning, critical thinking, innovation and problem solving.

Mr. Sridhar

Principal - Blooming Buds High School

Today’s upcoming generation is very smart. Children are able to operate smart Phones, computer without any support. They are able to compete with others with their technical skills. Smart living is very important to handle their future needs. Today’s Educators are supporting the generation by introducing Robotics as a subject in their regular curriculum.

Mrs. Subhashini

Principal - Newton High School, Moti Nagar

It was a great learning experience. Edurobotix team was organized, prepared and able to trouble shoot both with the technology and the robots in such a way that the students were able to model the corrections as well. This means, team didn't just fix the problems, also taught the students how to fix the problems.

Mrs. Kavitha

Principal - Delhi Public Secondary School, Sanga Reddy

Introduction of robotics for kids facilitates problem- solving, critical-thinking and collaboration. Edurobotix team has done a great job in teaching robotics to the students in a fun-filled way. I have seen the students taking part in robotics classes with full enthusiasm. We hope Edurobotix team will continue nurturing students’ critical knowledge.

Mrs. Padmaja

Principal - Newton Grammar High School, Rahamathnagar